• Al Park Petroleum (2017 - 2019) - All gas stations are alike, unless they have a special additive in the gas. Copy was bouncy and delivered in an irreverent way, but full of relevant information about this local gas station was a better choice for drivers, and where they could find it. Series of nine 60-second ads over two years. Voice talent: Tom Chase.
    • "Helpful"  
    • "Going"   
    • "Cold"     
  • Salt Lake Regional Medical Center's Hofmann Arthritis Institute (2021) - Removed all the client's medical jargon to focus the copy what the doctor's likely patients cared about: getting back to the activities they enjoyed. Voice talent: Sandy Beeler.
    • "Dr. Hofmann is Visiting"
  • Quality Transportation (2020) - Sometimes you just need a clear, straight ad written so the voice talent can make the client's offer shine in a way that the intended audience will appreciate it. Voice talent: Ken Sutherland.
    • "Do Quality Work"
  • Wisdom Teeth Only (2020) - When someone wants to pull out your wisdom teeth, you have to have to sugarcoat it a little bit to make that offer a little less creepy. We created a character named Doctor Wisdom to talk about how smart it is to have your wisdom teeh pulled out. Voice talent: Frank Riley.
    • "That's Smart"
  • Roughneck Gypsies Photography (2019) - How do you advertise a photographer without visuals? You create them in the minds of the audience with evocative ideas and ephemeral music. Voice talent: Tom Chase.
    • "As If Your Dreams Held the Camera"

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