Black Cat Walks in the Moonlight

Set in the mountains overlooking Lake Tahoe, a black cat from a nice family finds a full moon and an open door, and walks through. Their adopted cat has been mysterious to them, but her family's lives are deeply affected by their old losses and new discoveries while looking for her in the  threatening, mountainous terrain.
Within one full moon cycle, the family is no longer where she left them and none of them can ever go home again. 
But it's not really about the cat.

Status: first draft complete Feb 2021, in beta reading with Tahoe Writers Works
Words: 85,000
Genre: Contemporary women's fiction with crossover appeal to young adult audience. 

Excerpt: Download first 12 pages (PDF)

Infinity Necklace

A short story about how we give the advice we need to hear ourselves, but sometimes in the wrong order. 
A mother befriends her daughter's classmate, only to recognize she has a deeper connection with the girl. 

Short story
Status:In submissions
Words: 4,000
Genre: literary fiction
Download: Download Infinity Necklace (PDF)

A Christmas Guest

A warm little story about coming in from the cold and being accepted just as you are.

With a touch of Christmas whimsy, this story warms the hearts of kids and adults. 
Written as a Christmas gift to the members of the Tahoe Writers Works in 2020. 

Short story
Status: In submissions
Words: 1,800
Genre: literary fiction, children's fiction

No Room at the Table

Stylish and image-conscious magazine journalist Andrea married the easy-going programmer Michael while they were working overseas. It was lovely until she met his large, brash family in Central California. They are the kind of people who take selfies at a funeral. 
But what they lack in moderation and political correctness, they make up for in their version of unconditional support for each other, even her. Her awkward relationship with Michael's family is told over ten years of family visits.

Status: outlining, to be released as episodic posts on this blog.
Words: expected 85,000
Genre: contemporary women's fiction

Reluctant Salesperson

Non-fiction sales resource focused on why sellers feel reluctance and what that costs us. How to overcome reluctance and embrace the opportunities of selling anything. Includes discussion of the shifting role of sales in our business environment and the end of pushiness. Focuses on tackling the emotional baggage that sellers, particular women sellers, often face.

Journalistic style with research, first person narration and interviews from working sellers. Templates and worksheets.

Status: Outlined, 50% drafted
Words:  Currently 45,000, expected final 65,000 - 70,000
Genre: business