Tuesday, April 11, 2017

5 Tips for Staying Motivated in Selling

Selling is hard. It doesn't always come naturally. You're expected to be fresh and upbeat and full of ideas at all times but can end up being someone's punching bag on a lot of days.

The emotional strain from one client can easily spill over into another client interaction.  But because that second client doesn't know how bad your earlier meeting was, and because buyers can just *smell* it on you when you're feeling desperate, it's in your best interest to find ways to put that behind you.

Here are 5 little tips to stay motivated:

1.    Focus on your activities: Only you can control your actions, and you usually can’t control the outcome. If you are making 10 prospect calls per day and sitting down in real meetings with clients 3-4 times per day and asking questions about their business, qualifying them, you will make progress.

If you’re doing those things and not getting sales, then you know
there is an issue to focus on with your presentation, and that’s the kind of thing that is fixable.

2.    Own the path: Your manager can only set the destination, but you own the way you get there. If you’re feeling frustrated or uncomfortable with the sales tasks, ask yourself:
  •         Am I doing things in a way that fits my style?
  •         Am I comfortable with how I am presenting?
  •         Am I confident with the ideas and concepts of ad sales?
If not, people you’re meeting with will *feel* your discomfort and respond with their own discomfort. Usually that does not result in more sales.

Maybe you need more training in a certain area to add to your confidence, or you’ve been using someone else’s words and they just don’t feel smooth or seem in a logical order. Within the basic guidelines of being accurate about your message and fair to your clients, it is ok to work the presentation around so it works for you.

The least productive activity is to blame your boss or trainer or the materials. You probably believe in the product or you wouldn't be here. So take responsibility for how you present it.

Continually analyze both your presentation and your internal comfort level so you find a way to be genuine, which will increase your confidence which in turn communicates trustworthiness.

3. Clean your desk. If you’re feeling down about a client who said ‘no’, then take a few minutes to tidy up. You’ll accomplish two things:
  • Get your mind off the bad news and have a moment to get any emotions under control. It’s always a strength when you can be calm and objective in the field.
  • You might find a lead in the pile that got overlooked. Seriously! This could be a note to yourself or a message that got missed. It can change your mood instantly.

4. If you have a problem, ask! Never suffer. You have experience and ideas and networking connections all around you.
  • If you have trouble with the paperwork or processes, your boss can train.
  • If you lack for ideas, your sales manager will always have something new to try, even if it’s an old idea to them.
Your customers are full of ideas too!
  • If you’re asking questions and listening, they are sure to tell you something you can build a proposal on. 
  • Or, make a lunch date with a solid client who already likes us and doesn’t need to be sold for some free advice (and a pick-me-up. 
  • Or bring a basket of cookies to their office. Just the conversation will smooth your mood, shift your perspective a bit, and open the door to bounce new ideas around 
  • Or ask for a referral. Clients who have bought before are an ideal candidate for helping you identify who else might like what you're selling.

5. Say Thank You. Pick someone, anyone, and say “thanks”. Were they helpful when you needed an answer last week? Thanks. Did they come up with a last-minute order to fill your quota? Thank you note. Made you laugh? Thanks. Have they been a loyal client that quietly pays on time and is the backbone of your monthly commission? Find a meaningful way to let them know you appreciate them.

Appreciation is often like a mirror and someone else’s happiness has a way of bouncing back on you, so you end up feeling good too. Having an “attitude of gratitude” tends to attract good energy your way.

Good luck staying motivated. If any ideas helped you or you have other suggestions for staying sales motivated, mention in the comments.

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