Monday, March 12, 2012

Interviews with Marketing Managers about their Social Media Campaigns

In March 2012, I produced two videos to play within "Beyond the URL", HP's almost annual Digital Marketing Summit, a daylong event to keep HP's 7,500 marketers up on the latest digital marketing tools. The term "Beyond the URL" refers to marketing outside of the website. The volume is a bit diminished from several transfers, but the insight into how others are going about their social engagement programs is still fun.

Nissan LEAF's social marketing team met with me at the TBWA/Chiat/Day offices in Culver City, CA to discuss what goes into their campaigns. My always-on-the-money colleague at HP, Chad Summervill, narrated. And Stephen Colbert even makes an appearance.

Taylor Guitars, based in San Diego, CA, and shared a tour of their facility and insight into what makes people respond emotionally when engaging via social media. Spolier: that engagement isn't always online!

Would your company like to share a video tour of their social media efforts? Let's talk - I love to produce these kinds of informative videos on my favorite topic.

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